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China Pyruvic Acid 127-17-3 with 99.8% manufacturer

  • CAS No.: 127-17-3
  • MF: C3H4O3
  • MW: 88.06
  • EINECS No.: 204-824-3
  • Synonym: CH3COCOOH; ACID PYRUVATE; α-ketopropionic acid; PYRUVIC ACID pure; α-Ketopropionic acid, 2-Oxopropionic acid; Pyruvic acid,α-Ketopropionic acid, 2-Oxopropionic acid; 2-Ketopropionic Acid 2-Oxopropionic Acid; 2-KETOPROPANOIC ACID; 2-OXOPROPIONIC ACID; ALPHA-KETOPROPIONIC ACID; ACETYLFORMIC ACID; PYRUVIC ACID; PYRUVIC ACID 99%; Pyruvia Acid; α-Ketopropionic acid; Pyruvic acid (2-oxopropanoic acid); Pyruvic acid 127-17-3
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    What is Pyruvic Acid?

    Pyruvic Acid also known as a-oxopropionic acid, is an organic substance with a chemical formula of C3H4O3 and a structure of CH3COCOOH. It is an important intermediate for the sugar metabolism of all biological cells and the mutual transformation of various substances in the body. The molecule contains activated ketones and The carboxyl group, as a basic chemical raw material, is widely used in various fields such as chemistry, pharmacy, food, agriculture and environmental protection. It can be prepared by various methods of chemical synthesis and biotechnology.


    Product Name Pyruvic acid
    CAS No. 127-17-3
    MF C3H4O3
    Appearance Light yellow liquid
    Purity 99.8%
    Heavy metal 10 ppm max
    Chloride 20 ppm max
    Sulfate 100 ppm max
    Arsenic 1 ppm max


    1. Pyruvate is used in organic synthesis, biochemical research, and food additive.
    2. Pyruvate is the intermediate of the fungicide thiazolam.
    3. It is the main raw material for the production of tryptophan, phenylalanine and vitamin B, the raw material for the biosynthesis of l-dopamine, and the initiator of ethylene polymer.

    Pyruvic Acid Unilong (2)


    25kgs drum or 200kgs drum; 18 tons / 20' container



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