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Polycaprolactone CAS 24980-41-4

  • CAS No.: 24980 41 4
  • MF: C6H10O2
  • EINECS No.: 207-938-1
  • MW: 114.1424
  • Synonym: pcl; pcl powder; pcl pellets; Poly(ε-caprolactone); Ploycarprolactone; Polycaprolactone Pcl; CAS 24980-41-4; Polycaprolactone Pellets; Polycaprolactone Powder; pcl polycaprolactone; cas 24980414 pcl polymer; CURESORB-PCL; Caprolactone polymer; polycaprolactone pellets bulk; polycaprolactone price; polycaprolactone pcl price; polycaprolactone products; polycaprolactone for sale; polycaprolactone pellets price; polycaprolactone pellets for sale
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    What Is Polycaprolactone with cas 24980-41-4

    Polycaprolactone (PCL) is a semi crystalline polymer, which is a chemically synthesized biochemicalbook degradable polymer. Its structural repeating unit is blended with five nonpolar methylene CH2 starch and other substances to produce a complete biodegradable material.


    Item Specifications Results
    Characters White powder particle/granule White powder particle/granule
    Inherent Viscosity dl/g(Viscosimeter) 0.82 dl/g
    MN 60000-80000 Conforms
    Melt Index 22-26g /10 min150℃ 23
    Melting Point 58-60℃ 60
    Specific Gravity 1.08-1.12 g/ml(25℃) 1.12
    Water Content ≤1.0% 0. 5%
    Polydispersity index ≤1.8 1.8
    Conclusion The results conforms with enterprise standards



    1. Controlled release drug carrier, cell and tissue culture media frame
    2. Fully biodegradable plastic surgical suture
    3. High strength film filament molding
    4. Low temperature impact property modifier and plasticizer of plastics
    5. Medical modeling materials, industrial, artistic modeling materials, toys, organic colorants, hot copy ink adhesives, hot melt adhesives.

    A biodegradable polymer, non-toxic, biodegradable in soil, excellent mixing, mechanical compatibility with many polymers and good viscosity to many matrices. Extrusion aids, mold lubricants, release agents, pigment and filler dispersing aids, and polyester segments in polyurethane and block polyester.

    pcl application


    25kgs/drum, 9tons/20’container
    25kgs/bag, 20tons/20’container



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