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Sodium L-pyroglutamate (PCA-Na) manufacturer with CAS 28874-51-3

  • Chemical Name: Sodium Lauroamphoacetate
  • CAS: 156028-14-7
  • Molecular Formula: C18H33N2O3.Na
  • Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow liquid
  • Assay: 35%
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    Item Specification
    Appearance (25) Clean to light yellow liquid
    Activity (%) 30,50-32,0
    Solid Content (%) 38,0-41,0
    PH value (10% aqueous solution) 8,50-9,50
    Monochloroacetic acid (%) Max.5ppm


    Sodium PCA, also known as sodium pyrrolidone carboxylate, is used in cosmetics as a moisturizing agent, skin conditioning agent and antistatic agent. It is a natural ingredient of the skin and a good moisturizing agent. It has the function of strengthening keratin and is used to enhance the skin's own moisturizing ability. Sodium PCA (Sodium PCA) is a naturally occurring humectant in human skin and is the main component in the stratum corneum of the skin. PCA-Na is soluble in water. Slightly soluble in organic solvents, at the same temperature and concentration, its viscosity is far lower than other moisturizing agents, without the sticky and heavy feeling of glycerin, and high safety, almost no irritation to the skin and eye mucous membranes, and at the same time with other moisturizing agents. Moisturizers also have good synergy, and they have good results when used in combination.

    Package and condition of storage

    The normal packing: 25kg Drum or 200kgs drum,16tons/container

    This product should be stored in a dry place and sealed warehouse under normal temperature to avoid direct sunlight.


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