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Pro-xylane With CAS 439685-79-7

  • Synonym: Nanoliposomalhydroxypripyltetrahydropyrantriol;RetinolPro+Pro-xylane;Pro-Xylane,Puri-Xylane;Puri-Xylane;NanoLiposomalHYDROXYPRChemicalbookOPYLTETRAHYDROPYRANTRIOL;Tetrahydropyrantriol;L-gluco-Octitol,1,5-anhydro-6,8-dideoxy-,(7ξ)-;HydroxypropylterrahydropyrantriolCas:30944-92-4
  • MF: C8H16O5
  • EINECS: 213-767-3
  • Appearance: Liquid
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    What is Pro-xylane with CAS 439685-79-7?

    Pro-xylane is a sugar-molecule derived from the beech wood tree utilizing green chemistry. It functions, in vitro, by stimulating the production of proteoglycans, a water-absorbing molecule in human reconstructed skin. Higher levels of proteoglycans within the reconstructed skin’s extracellular matrix correlate to increase skin-elasticity and firmness. In cosmetics, pro-xylane products are frequently incorporated into anti-aging lotions and creams to counterbalance signs of aging (i.e., fine lines and wrinkles).

    Specification of Pro-xylane with CAS 439685-79-7

    CAS 439685-79-7
    Names Pro-xylane
    Appearance liquid
    Purity 98%
    MF C8H16O5
    Usage Cosmetic Raw Materials
    Package 25kgs/drum,9tons/20’container
    Brand Name Unilong

    Application of Pro-xylane with CAS 439685-79-7

    1. Stimulates the production and construction of GAGs (Glupolysaccharide extracellular matrix) (e.g. gelatinous proteinaceous network and sugars that act as scaffolds and intercellular shock absorbers) to gel the matrix and increase cell and skin firmness .
    2. It acts as a channel to guide repair molecules, such as proteins that allow cells to grow. 3. Use the activity of the extracellular matrix to send messages to young cells,
    Stimulates aging cells.
    4. Strengthen basement membrane function, reduce allergy and inflammation.

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