What Is The Use Of O-Cymen-5-OL

What is O-Cymen-5-OL?

O-Cymen-5-OL is also known as o-傘花烴-5-醇, 4-ISOPROPYL-3-METHYLPHENOL, and IPMP. The O-Cymen-5-OL CAS number is 3228-02-2, which is a white needle shaped crystal that is insoluble in water and has excellent antibacterial effects because it is widely used in cosmetics, daily chemical products, pharmaceuticals, and industrial fields.

General preservatives only target fungi or a few types of bacteria, while IPMP is a broad-spectrum bactericide that has excellent antibacterial properties against microorganisms. In addition to its affordable price, low addition, and easy procurement, IPMP has become a” very popular “product in the cosmetics and daily chemical industry.

Is O-Cymen-5-OL safe?

Is O-Cymen-5-OL product safe? Many people will think about this issue. With the development of the economy, people are paying more and more attention to safety issues. Let’s talk about O-Cymen-5-OL. IPMP is basically odorless and odorless, and has no irritation to the skin. It has good stability and is convenient for long-term storage, so its safety factor is high. Moreover, the main function of IPMP itself is a bactericide, which can prevent corrosion, diminish inflammation, and remove acne. Therefore, cosmetics and oral sterilization are mostly used.


O-Cymen-5-OL uses

O-Cymen-5-OL can be used in cosmetics such as lipstick and cream, due to its excellent sterilization and anti-inflammatory functions, as well as in skin medication and anti acne agents in the pharmaceutical industry, and in the industrial industry, it can be used for indoor mildew and odor prevention. Specific applications can be referred to as follows: bath gel, hair care, perfume, toothpaste, eye shadow, wet towel, hand sanitizer, oral spray, fungal skin medication, etc. It can also be used as an additive in acne removing products.

O-Cymen-5-OL meets the specified sterilization requirements for cosmetics and is easily absorbed by the skin. The purity of 99% min supplied by Unilong can be purchased with confidence.

Post time: Mar-24-2023