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Kojic Acid Dipalmitate With Cas 79725-98-7

  • CAS No.: 79725-98-7
  • Molecular formula: C38H66O6
  • Molecular weight: 618.93
  • EINECS No.: 207-922-4
  • Synonym: Kojicacciddipalmitate (KAD-15, whiteningagentcosmetic); KOJICDIPALMITATE; KOJICACIDDIPALMITATE; 2-Palmitoyloxymethyl-5-palmitoyloxy-gamma-pyrone; 2-pChemicalbookalmitoyloxymethyl-5-palmitoyloxy-pyrone; 4-OXO-6-[[(1-OXOHEXADECYL)OXY]METHYL]-4H-PYRAN-3-YLESTERHEXADECANOICACID; LGB-KAD; Brillian-MB228KojicDipalmitate
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    What is Kojic Acid Dipalmitate With Cas 79725-98-7?

    Kojic acid dipalmitate, also known as 2-palmitoyl-5-palmitoyl-pyranone, is a fat soluble derivative of kojic acid. It not only overcomes the shortcomings of kojic acid's instability to light, heat and metal ions, but also maintains the excellent activity of kojic acid and can better inhibit the formation of melanin. And, this inhibition is stronger than kojic acid, making it a new generation of highly effective whitening active agent.

    Specification of Kojic Acid Dipalmitate With Cas 79725-98-7

    Item Standard


    Appearance  White or almost white crystal powder Conforms
    Assay ≥98.0% 98.9%
    Melting point 92.0~96.0℃ 93.5-95.0℃
    Loss on drying ≤0.5% 0. 08%
    Ignition residue ≤0.5% 0.15%
    Heavy metal ≤10ppm Conforms
    Arsenic ≤2ppm Conforms


    Application of Kojic Acid Dipalmitate With Cas 79725-98-7

    As a fat soluble whitening active agent, kojic acid dipalmitate can be absorbed more effectively by the skin and bring good moisturizing effect to the skin besides being easier to formulate. At present, kojic dipalmitate has been successfully applied in the production of cosmetics.

    Packing  of Kojic Acid Dipalmitate With Cas 79725-98-7




    Kojic Acid Dipalmitate With Cas 79725-98-7

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