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Honokiol with CAS 35354-74-6

  • Synonym: 5,3'-DIALLYL-BIPHENYL-2,4'-DIOL;HONOKIOL;HONEYSUCKLEFLOWEREXTRACT;Honokiol,(S);3',5-Diallyl-2,4'-biphChemicalbookenyldiol;3',5-Diallyl[1,1'-biphenyl]-2,4'-diol;3,3'-DIALLYL-4,6'-DIHYDROXYBIPHENYL;HONOKIOL98.0%BYHPLC
  • MF: C18H18O2
  • Molecular weight: 266.33
  • Appearance: Powder
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    What is Honokiol with CAS 35354-74-6?

    Honokiol is an isomer of magnolol, which is a dimer formed by the polymerization of the side chain of one phenylpropanoid and the benzene nucleus of another phenylpropanoid. It is an active ingredient of Chinese medicine Magnolia officinalis and anti-inflammatory.

    Specification of Honokiol with CAS 35354-74-6

    CAS 35354-74-6
    Names Honokiol
    Appearance Powder
    Purity 98%
    MF C18H18O2
    Melting point 86℃
    Package 25kgs/bag,20tons/20’container
    Brand Name Unilong

    Application of Honokiol with CAS 35354-74-6

    Honokiol is a small-molecule polyphenol isolated from the genus Magnolia. Recent studies show that Honokiol displays antiangiogenic, antiinflammatory, and antitumor properties in preclinical models, w ithout appreciable toxicity. Honokiol has been shown to inhibit the bone metastatic growth of human prostate cancer cells.

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    Honokiol with CAS 35354-74-6

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