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Carbomer 980 with CAS 54182-57-9 Karbomer

  • CAS: 54182-57-9
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • EINECS: 618-347-7
  • Packing: 25kg/bag
  • Synonyms: Carbomer 980 940;Gel stock solution product description;Karbomer;Carbomer; Carbomer 940; Carbomer 680; cas 9007-20-9; cas 9003-01-4
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    What is Carbomer 980 with CAS 54182-57-9

    Carbomer is a loose white powder, with acidity, hygroscopicity and special slight odor. It can be dissolved in water, ethanol and glycerol. The molecule contains 56% - 58% carboxyl group, so it is weakly acidic. When carbomer is dispersed in water, due to the repulsion between negative charges caused by carboxyl ionization, the crimped polymer stretches out and expands in volume. The pH of 0.5% aqueous dispersion is 2.7 ~ 3.5. 1% aqueous dispersion can be neutralized with alkaline substances to form gel. The concentration of commonly used aqueous dispersion is 0.1% - 3.0%.


    Product Name: Carbomer 980 Batch No. JL20230202
    CAS 9007-20-9/54182-57-9 MF Date FEB.02,2023
    Packing 20kg/drum Analysis Date FEB.02,2023
    Quantity 5MT Expiry Date FEB.01,2025
    Item Standard Result
    Appearance White powder White powder
    0.5% aqueous solution viscosity  40000-60000mpa.s  52100mpa.s
    0.2%aqueous solution viscosity  13000-30000mpa.s  20100mpa.s
    0.5% aqueous solution transmittance(420mm) ≥92% 92.6%
    Residual ethyl acetate ≤0.5% 0.35%
    Residual cyclohexane ≤0.3% 0. 19%
    Acrylic acid ≤0.25% 0. 13%
    Loss on drying ≤2.0% 0.72%
    Product Name: Carbomer 940 Batch No. JL20220510
    CAS 9007-20-9 MF Date MAY. 10,2022
    Packing 20kg/drum Analysis Date MAY. 10,2022
    Quantity 5MT Expiry Date MAY.09,2024
    Item Standard Result
    Appearance White powder White powder
    0.5% aqueoussolution viscosity  40000~60000mpa.s  53400
    Losson Drying ≤2.0% 0.08%
     -COOH%  56.0%~68.0%  62.6%
    Product Name: Carbomer 680 Batch No. JL20230107
    CAS 9007-20-9 MF Date JAN.07,2023
    Packing 20kg/drum Analysis Date JAN.07,2023
    Quantity 5MT Expiry Date JAN.06,2025
    Item Standard Result
    Appearance White powder White powder
    0.5% aqueous solution viscosity  ≥45000mpa.s  58000mpa.s
    0.5% aqueous solution transmittance(420mm) ≥85% 85.0%
    Residual ethyl acetate ≤0.5% 0.33%
    Residual cyclohexane ≤0.3% 0. 12%
    Acrylic acid ≤0.25% 0. 10%
    Loss on drying ≤2.0% 0.83%


    1.The main functions of carbomer are thickening, suspension and emulsification,
    2.In pharmaceutics, it can be used as gel agent, adhesive, coating material, rheological modifier (humidifier, lubricant, suspension aid, stabilizer), etc., and is widely used, especially in new drug delivery systems. It has been widely used at home and abroad.

    At present, our factory has upgraded carbomer 940 to carbomer 980. Because the original Carbomer 940 is synthesized from acrylic acid and benzene, it contains a certain amount of benzene residue, which is a toxic substance.
    In order to be safer, we use cyclohexane to make Carbomer 980, so that our product ingredients will be safer and the effect will be better.
    Of course, Carbomer 980 is the same as Carbomer 940 in terms of viscosity and light transmittance.
    If you have no special requirements on light transmittance and viscosity, we also recommend Carbomer 680, the price will be cheaper.





    Carbomer 980

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