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Phenol novolac cyanate ester with CAS 30944-92-4

  • Cas: 30944-92-4
  • Synonym: phenol novolac cyanate ester;cyanic acid phenyl ester polymer with formaldehyde;Formaldehyde polymer with phenyl cyanate;pnenol novolac cyanate esten
  • MF: C8H7NO2
  • Molecular weight: 149.15
  • Appearance: Brown liquid
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    What is phenol novolac cyanate ester with CAS 30944-92-4?

    Phenol novolac cyanate ester is a brown liquid used in plastics and other chemical materials, need store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. The temperature should not exceed 37°C. Should be stored separately with oxidant, edible chemical, avoid mixing storage.

    Specification of Phenol novolac cyanate ester with CAS 30944-92-4

    CAS 30944-92-4
    Other Names Phenol novolac cyanate ester
    Appearance Brown liquid
    Purity >98%
    Color Brown
    MF C8H7NO2
    Package 25kg/drum

    Application of Phenol novolac cyanate ester with CAS 30944-92-4

    Public transport, aerospace, composite materials, electronic circuits, adhesives, machinery, high carbon residue requirements, molds, etc.

    Package And Storage Of Phenol novolac cyanate ester with CAS 30944-92-4






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