New Product Notice–Today We Expand One New Product–Emulsifier M68

Emulsifier m68 alkylpolyglucoside emulsifier of natural origin, for rich, easy-to-spread creams.

As a promoter of liquid crystals which biomimic the lipid bilayer of cellular membrane, it helps to stabilize the emulsion, provides the restructuring effect (reduction of TEWL) and the moisturizing effect.

Cetearyl glucoside is mainly used as a moisturizing agent and emulsifier in cosmetics and skin care products, and it does not cause acne. Cetearyl glucoside is used as an emulsifier in cosmetics, which can enhance the moisturizing effect of products and has a refreshing texture. It is often used in creams and sunscreen products. Daily skin care precautions: Only when the skin is clean and the pores are unblocked can the nutrients of skin care products penetrate better. Therefore, makeup removal and cleaning are the first steps of evening skin care. Provide adequate nutrition to the skin. Adequate nutrition can accelerate the repair and regeneration of the skin. Choose a nutrient-rich night cream and leave your skin nourished with nourishing essences all night long. Using skin care products at night with effective massage techniques can promote the metabolism of skin cells, so that the skin can better repair itself and delay the process of skin aging. Massage has a good effect on wrinkles and relaxation, and can also promote the absorption of skin care products, so that the skin at night can better absorb nutrients. The most valuable time for night skin care is 22:00 – 2:00, and you must ensure a good sleep during this time. Before this, you can apply skin care products first, so that nutrients can effectively repair the skin during sleep. In addition, the quality of sleep can also affect the effect of skin care, so we must ensure the quality of sleep during this period, so that the skin can better repair itself.

Post time: Oct-10-2017