Improve Quality Control System

Hi there, as Unilong scale expansion growing day by day, Our CEO pointed out: in order to meet more and more clients requirements, we should not only expand our scale, but also should  improve our Quality Control system.Through 3months efforts,we get one strict and comprehensive Quality Control System(as following chart).Thanks every department of Unilong. 

1. UNILONG Quality Control System

Although we finished our system making,but if we want to achieve our target and more success. We should obey following policy:
1. Fully support and cooperate with senior executives of the enterprise.
2. The heads of all departments are fully committed and supported by cross-functional cooperation.
3. Continuously publicize the concept of education for all staff and develop a sense of honor for all staff to actively participate in.
4. The management representative is fully authorized and has good communication skills.
5. Continuous internal audit and continuous improvement.
6. Write out what the company has done, do what the document says, and leave a check-able record.
7. Unilong Organizational structure: Administrative organizational structure chart, quality assurance organizational structure chart refers to the graphical depiction of the relationship between the personnel in the organization. The quality function allocation table refers to the main responsible department and several related departments that clearly reflect the elements of each quality system in a table.
8. We should regularly summarize the problems found in the implementation process, summarize the problems and improve them in time.

New Management, New Start.
But our attitude for quality is never change. Our first task is for you more competitive price with excellent super quality goods. Here we also would like to list our advantage about our company to you here again. Welcome to visit us and consult us.
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1. UNILONG Quality Control System1

And another good news: We will expand one new production line for UV Photoinitiator products next year. 

Post time: May-27-2017