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MES 4-Morpholinoethanesulfonic acid 99% purity with CAS 4432-31-9

  • CAS No: 4432-31-9
  • Synonyms: MES 2-Morpholinoethanesulfonic acid;MES(2-(n-Morpholino)-ethanesulfonic acid), Free Acid;BBS13;FLJ20345;MKS1;ANTI-ME1 antibody produced in mouse; HUMNDME;ME1
  • Molecular Formula: C6H13NO4S
  • Molecular Weight: 195.24
  • Appearance: white powder
  • EINECS: 224-632-3
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    CAS 4432-31-9
    Synonyms MES 2-Morpholinoethanesulfonic acid; MES(2-(n-Morpholino)-ethanesulfonic acid), Free Acid; BBS13; FLJ20345; MKS1; ANTI-ME1 antibody produced in mouse; HUMNDME; ME1
    Molecular Formula C6H13NO4S
    Molecular Weight 195.24
    Appearance white powder
    EINECS 224-632-3

    What Is 4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid CAS 4432-31-9?

    4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid is an amphoteric buffer, which is effective in the pH range of 5.5-7.7. As a good's buffer, MES is widely used in plant culture medium, reagent solution and physiological experiment to adjust pH value. It has high detergency, excellent calcium soap dispersion and hard water resistance.

    Specification of 4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid CAS 4432-31-9

    Product name 4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid Batch No. JL20220412
    Cas 4432-31-9 MF Date Apr.12, 2022
    Packing 25kgs/drum Analysis Date Apr.13, 2022
    Quantity 1MT Expiry Date Apr.11, 2024
    Item Standard Result
    Appearance White Crystalline Powder White Crystalline Powder
    Assay 99.0~101% 99.68
    Water Content ≤0.5% 0.22%
    loss on drying ≤1% 0.43
    1.0M aqueous Colorless, clear Colorless, clear
    PH (1.0M aqueous) 3.5~4.1 3.8
    Heavy metals (Pb) ≤0.0005% 0.0002
    UV absorbance 260nm (0.5m aqueous solution) ≤0.040 0.012
    UV absorbance 280nm (0.5m aqueous solution) ≤0.020 0.009
    Conclusion Qualified

    Application of 4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid CAS 4432-31-9

    1. Used as calcium soap dispersant in soap and soap. It can replace sodium tripolyphosphate as a low phosphorus or phosphorus free detergent. It can also be used as an active substance in liquid washing.
    2. Used as medium bubble mineral flotation agent in industry.
    3. In leather degreasing, dyes, pigments, pesticides as dispersant, wetting agent.
    4. Used as deinking agent in printing industry.

    Package And Storage Of 4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid CAS 4432-31-9

    Packed it in 25kgs drum and keep it away from light at a temperature below 25℃.

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