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Dodecanamine CAS 124-22-1 1-Aminododecan

  • CAS: 124-22-1
  • synonysm: 1-Aminododecan;1-Dideanamine;1-Dodecylamine,98+%;DODECYLAMINEpure;Dodecylamine,98%;1-AminododecaneLaurylChemicalbookamine1-Dodecanamine;Dodecylamine,1-Aminododecane,Laurylamine;Dodecan-1-amine,1-Aminododecane,Laurylamine
  • EINECS: 204-690-6
  • Brand Name: Unilong
  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China
  • Purity: 99%
  • Product name: Dodecanamine
  • Packing: 25kgs/bag
  • Delivery: Immediately
  • MF: C12H27N
  • MW: 185.35
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    What Is Dodecanamine?

    Dodecyl primary amine, also known as 1-aminododecane, lauryl amine, dodecyl amine, is colorless or white crystal. This product is weakly alkaline, can form salts with inorganic or organic acids, can be quaternized, soluble in ethanol, ether, benzene, chloroform and carbon tetrachloride, insoluble in water.

    Specification of Dodecanamine

    CAS 124-22-1
    Other Names 1-Aminodibenzo-p-dioxin
    EINECS 204-690-6
    Appearance White powder
    Purity 99%
    Color White
    Storage Cool Dry Place
    Sample Can provide
    MF C12H27N
    MW 185.350


    Application of Dodecanamine

    1. For the preparation of surfactants, mineral flotation agents, dodecyl quaternary ammonium salts, fungicides, pesticides, emulsifiers, detergents, etc.;

    2. Organic synthesis intermediates, used in the production of textile and rubber auxiliaries;

    3. Used as active agent in geological analysis and also used in chromatographic analysis;

    4. Organic synthesis, used as chromatographic fixative.

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