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EDTA-Mn CAS 15375-84-5 Manganese disodium EDTA trihydrate

  • CAS: 15375-84-5
  • synonyms: EthylenediaMinetetraaceticAcidManganeseDisodiuMSalt;ManganeseDisodiumEthylenediaminetetraacetate;Manganate(2-),[[N,N'-1,2-ethanediylbis[N-[(carboxy-kO)Methyl]glycinato-kN,kO]](4-)]-,soChemicalbookdiuM(1:2),(OC-6-21)-;EDTAManganeseDisodiuM(EDTAMnNa);ThetwosodiuMethylenediaMinetetraaceticacidManganese;EDTA-MnNa2;ManganeseEDTASodiumSalt;Sodiummanganeseethylenediaminetetraaceticacid
  • EINECS: 239-407-5
  • Brand Name: Unilong
  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China
  • Purity: 99%
  • Product name: EDTA-Mn
  • Packing: 25kgs/drum
  • Delivery: Immediately
  • MF: C10H12MnN2O8.2Na
  • MW: 389.13
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    What is EDTA-Mn?

    Metal chelate compounds, there are two kinds of existing trace element fertilizers, one is sulfate, such as FeSO4.CuSO4.MnSO4.ZnSO4.MgSO4, and the other is the upgraded product of sulfate, namely sulfate+EDTA•2Na+( Stabilizer urea), the existing sulfate+EDTA•2Na+ (stabilizer urea) preparation method is: the sulfate FeSO4.CuSO4.MnSO4.ZnSO4.MgSO4 is all dissolved in water within 70 ℃ to obtain solution A, and the EDTA • 2Na is completely dissolved in water within 70℃ to obtain solution B. Mix and stir solutions A and B according to the ratio of EDTA•2Na:sulfate:water (molar ratio)=1:0.1~0.5:300~2500 for 0.5 hours, The pH value was adjusted with NaOH, and the finished product was obtained by filtration. This production method has many shortcomings. Manganese disodium EDTA is one of the complex metal salts of EDTA.

    Specification of EDTA-Mn

    CAS 15375-84-5
    Other Names Manganese disodium EDTA trihydrate
    EINECS 239-407-5
    Appearance White powder
    Purity 99%
    Color White
    Storage Cool Dried Storage
    Package 25kgs/bag
    Application Fertilizer Additives, Agriculture


    Application of EDTA-Mn

    As a trace element nutrient, it is used in agriculture to eliminate the inhibition of enzyme-catalyzed reactions caused by trace heavy metals.

    Packing of EDTA-Mn






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